Oxford 18HE004 HE004 1/18 Scale Heinkel Kabine Bubble Car Grecian White



This is a 1/18 OO Scale Oxford Diecast vehicle in mint condition, the box is mint.

Oxford’s 1:18 scale Heinkel Trojan appears with right hand drive, registered 917 TRT. The front-opening four seater is decorated in white with contrasting silver trim, while the interior is also predominantly white, with black flooring and cleverly moulded red and grey checked tartan seating. The larger scale shows off all the detail both inside and out from the steering wheel centre and gearstick detail to the chrome finished boot lock. Chrome bumpers, window surrounds and headlights all add to the realism of this iconic model from the 1950s.

In real life the Heinkel Trojan was a microcar designed by Heinkel Flugzeugwerke of aircraft fame in Germany under the name Heinkel Kabine. It was manufactured there between 1956 and 1958 before production was transferred under licence to Dundalk Engineering Company in Ireland in 1958. However, the licence was revoked due to poor quality control shortly afterwards.  Happily, Trojan Cars Ltd in the UK gained the licence in 1960 to restart production of the car under the Trojan 200 name and manufacture continued until 1966.

With a steel unit body, the Trojan featured a four speed gear box plus a reverse gear, unlike some other bubble cars, with a top speed of 56 mph. The fabric sunroof, in addition to being a great fine-weather feature, also served as an escape hatch should the vehicle’s only door at the front become jammed in a collision. Most reassuring in its day, we’re sure, when health and safety measures were not what they are today.

Brand oxford
Condition New