Oxford 76AEC007 AEC007 1/76 OO Scale AEC Matador Generator American Circus



This is an Oxford Diecast Matador in mint condition ( see photo ), the box is good.TOxford Diecast American Circus AEC Matador Generator - 1:76 ScaleProduct Code: 76AEC007 The American Circus was originally founded by Billy Mack in the 1940s. Billy was one of the most colourful characters in the business until his death in 1967. However, his family carried on the circus under the Hoffman's American Circus name for many years and the troupe used a number of demobbed ex-WD AEC Matadors with a variety of bodies. The circus eventually changed its name again and is now known as Uncle Sam's American Circus, famous for its superb fleet of American trucks. This Matador is registered VTL 636K and is highly visible in gleaming white with the circus name decorated with the US Stars and Stripes along the sides.
Brand Oxford Diecast
Condition Used