Oxford 76APR002 APR002 1/76 OO Scale Aveling + Porter Roller No10991 Janet



This is an Oxford Diecast 1/76 scale vehicle in mint condition ( see photo ), the box is also mint. 

The 1:76 scale Aveling & Porter Road Roller in a bright and cheerful colour scheme. The vibrant red, black and gold body is topped with a black upper roof and brown inner roof. Registered BC 9483, the road roller features red and black spokes, the rear wheels are lined in red with black centres and the outer roller wheels are a buff colour.

Numbered 10991 ‘Janet’ belonged to John E Golding, Car Body Repair Specialist of Loughborough, Leics, whose telephone number also features on his signage; along the sides of the roof. A final detail sees a stylised ‘ In Vigor’ coat of arms on the front of the road roller depicted in red and gold. 

Brand oxford
Condition New