Oxford 76TCAB003 TCAB003 1/76 OO Scania T Cab Topline Curtainside J H Yates Sons



This is a Scania truck in mint condition comes in a mint box .Oxford Diecast Scania T Cab Topline Curtainside J H Yates And Sons LtdProduct Code: 76TCAB003 This ultra modern, highly colourful and well detailed model truck is based on the Scania operated by the well-known Cumnock-based Scottish haulier, J H Yates & Sons Ltd., whose fleet is a familiar sight up and down the UK's roads. The tractor unit is predominantly turquoise with red masking and turquoise wing mirrors. The bonnet features the company's famous 'Raging Bull' snorting on the bonnet, complete with a ring through his nose! Note too the Scania name and crest on the back of the cab. The trailer is bright red with colourful graphics including the Scottish flags, with even the curtainside straps picked out in black and silver. The J H Yates name is predominant on all sides, right down to the personalised number plate T8 JHY.
Brand oxford
Condition New