Oxford 87ME49008 ME49008 1/87 HO Scale 1949 Mercury Calcutta Green



This is a Oxford Diecast car in mint condition ( see photo ), the box is mint. These vehicles are made to the popular USA & European scale of 1/87 or railway HO. Our 1:87 scale  

Oxford’s 1:87 scale Ford Mercury 2-door coupé makes its eighth entry to the series in a muted green with chrome finish and an interior in a slightly lighter green, sporting a silver grey steering wheel.́ The  wheels are silver with the customary whitewall tyres and it is registered in Texas - 49 as FA 9110.

In real life, Mercury was a division of the Ford Motor Company under founder Edsel Ford. The 1949 Mercury was a complete redesign and not only a great post-war success but it proved a highly competitive opponent to the likes of General Motors. It is interesting to note that although now defunct in manufacturing terms, the Mercury name still remains the protected property of Ford. 

Brand oxford diecast
Condition New